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Shanxi Hengyue Forging Co., Ltd.
is located in world famous "forging town" Dingxiang County, 100 kilometers South to the provincial capital of Taiyuan , 500 kilometers north to the capital city of Beijing, 600 kilometers East away from Tianjin port, rich resources in coal, electricity, natural gas, railway, highway, aircraft, traffic very convenient.   

Build Century enterprise, become the indispensable strategic supplier for customers.
Shanxi Hengyue is a private enterprise specialized in producing precision rings and flange. 
Established in 1996, site area 136000 m2  
368 employees.
Yearly production capacity 600,000 pcs,sales volume 180,000pcs in 2018.Only 30% of the production capacity was used.
Sales 440 million RMB in 2018, 60% is export.


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